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Remote Patient Monitoring

With three high-demand services you can provide better patient care, drive new income while staying in control of the process, the patient, and the billing

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Increased Revenue

Reimbursements provide significant ongoing revenue while freeing up key resources

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Proactive Care

 Health professionals monitor patients remotely and act on the information received as part of the treatment plan

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Real Time

Constant monitoring of activities and physiologic data in the patient’s home

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Turnkey Solutions

Program administration, onboarding, training, and continuing support are provided by our team

Stay Informed About Your Patient’s Health In Between Visits!

Review patient generated real time physiological data, such as:

Heart Rate

Blood Glucose


Step Activity

Blood Pressure

Pulse Oximetry


And More

Chronic Care Management + Remote Patient Monitoring + Medication Management 
Total Care for Medicare Patients

How Many Total Medicare Patients Require Monthly Monitoring?

The number of monitored patients is generally equal to about 20% of the total number of Medicare patients your practice treats

140 monthly monitored patients


potential monthly revenue assumes assumes $123 avg revenue per patient


I am bringing in an extra $8,600 per month. Thank you for bringing this program to our practice.

—  Dr. Scott Jensen, MD

Ready To Get Started?

You’re one click away from a detailed overview of how the Total Care program can support your practice

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