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Medication Management

Designed to be proactive in identifying non-compliance issues before they become an adverse drug event

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300+ prescriptions and OTC medications / metabolites

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High Accuracy

1/1.5M error rate or 1/10,000 patients results

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Fast Turnaround

24-48 hour turnaround for most test results

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$75 out of pocket cost if not covered by insurance

Importance of Medication Reconciliation

Most medication reconciliations are done through patient reporting or by a report from the pharmacy

This relies on the patient to recall all of their medications correctly or assumes that all medications picked up from the pharmacy are being taken

Prescriptions that are filled, but never taken

Sample prescriptions provided by a specialist

Prescriptions not taken as directed

OTC medications not reported

Medications taken that were prescribed for someone else


Simple Urine Screening Answers:


Is the patient taking all of their medications?


Is the patient taking prescriptions or OTCs which are not prescribed or reported?

Who Is Eligible?

Any patient with 2 or more chronic conditions:

COPD, CHF, CKD, Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, etc.

Same criteria as Chronic CareManagement - All CCM patients are eligible

Covered Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans:

Approved by Medicare to be billed up to 12 times/year

Typically utilized 4 times/year as a maximum

Most appropriate to incorporate into:

Annual Wellness Visits

Post-hospital follow-ups (for TCM medication reconciliation compliance)

Office visits for CCM patients

Patients with a high number of prescriptions, multiple specialists, known medication management issues, etc

Chronic Care Management + Remote Patient Monitoring + Medication Management 
Total Care for Medicare Patients

How Many Medication Consultations Could You Administer Each Month?

The number of consultations is generally equal to about 15% of the total number of Medicare patients your practice treats

105 monthly consultations


potential monthly revenue assumes assumes $154 avg revenue per consult


I am bringing in an extra $8,600 per month. Thank you for bringing this program to our practice.

—  Dr. Scott Jensen, MD

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