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PCR-Based Lab Services

Obtain results in 24-hours where you will receive more information, faster to properly diagnose, and treat your patients, even if you are already using a lab provider

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Fast Turnover

No more waiting 3-5 days with results in 24-48 hours day for most tests

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High Accuracy

Identifies difficult to culture pathogens and identifies bacteria regardless of recent antibiotic use

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Easy On Staff

Results are not affected by time or temperature

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No Bill Balance

Patients will not receive a bill if insurance does not pay in full

Types of Available Labs


Urinary tract infections are one of the most commonly diagnosed illnesses in older adults and one of the leading reasons antibiotics are prescribed in long term care facilities.

Collection Type

Urine Swab

Time to Results

24 - 48 hours


Takes the pain and embarrassment out of sample collection. Samples collected from the point of infection provide the highest level of sensitivity and yield higher detection rates than conventional methods.

Collection Type


Time to Results

24 - 48 hours


Wound and skin infections are the result of the growth and spread of microbes such as bacteria within a wound or break . in the skin. Infections trigger the body’s immune system and cause inflammation and tissue damage and slows the healing process.

Collection Type

Wound Swab

Time to Results

24 - 48 hours


Nail fungal infections are common conditions, especially in the aging population. However, bacterial infections and skin disorders can mimic the fungal presentation and may lead clinicians to choose ineffective treatment regimens.

Collection Type

Nail Swab

Time to Results

24 - 48 hours

Molecular PCR Testing vs Traditional Culture

RX2Live Molecular PCR

Accurate diagnosis in 24 hours

Detects 26+ pathogens (bacterial and fungal), and multiple pathogens simultaneously with 99% Accuracy

Samples unaffected by time and temperature

Samples unaffected by concurrent antibiotic use

Patient-specific antibiotic classification/resistance chart

Traditional Culture

Results in 72 hours-20 days

Looks for 5-6 pathogens with a 29% error rate

< 2% of microbes can be detected

Samples need to be plated within 2 hours and often require refrigeration

Antibiotics can mask positive results


Stain Typing

Live Specimen



Turn Around Time


3-5x Greater than Culture

Built within the technique

NOT Required



12-24 hours

Traditional Culture


Requires 2 step




3-28 days after arrival

This is the Gold Standard in testing 
when setting your patients on a path to

Quick Setup & Simple Workflow

Following a one-time setup of less than 20 minutes we can have you ready for more accurate results in substantially less time than traditional culture based tests

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How Much Wait Time Can You Save Your Patients?

Waiting 3-5 days for lab results can be agonizing for your patients, luckily most of our results are delivered in 24-48 hours saving time for you and your patients

5 labs per day


days saved not having

to wait for results


I am bringing in an extra $8,600 per month. Thank you for bringing this program to our practice.

—  Dr. Scott Jensen, MD

Ready To Get Started?

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